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MT Assets is a developer of assets for Unity. MT Assets refers directly to me, Marcos Tomaz! I am an Indie programmer and game developer, I always like to learn something new and I've been working with Unity since 2014. I'm at the Asset Store to provide useful and helpful tools for Unity Engine developers. Get to know my assets, and visit my Asset Store page! If you need contact or support for my assets, please contact me at

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Skinned Mesh Combiner
Skinned Mesh Combiner is a great tool to optimize your game. You can combine yours Skinned Meshes into a single mesh to reduce Draw Calls, or even combine the meshes that share the same material, in one mesh, and continue using the original materials. Get great performance for your game! This type of optimization is super useful for Mobile/VR games.
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Available for US$ 12.90

Easy Mesh Combiner
Easy Mesh Combiner combines your 3D meshes into one to reduce draw calls generated by your game. It is a very easy to use and super useful tool to optimize your game!
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Available for US$ 9.90

Native Android Toolkit
The Native Android Toolkit offers several methods for your game to interact with the Android system. You can even know how long the game was closed and even schedule notifications for the future, even know if the time/date was changed while the game was closed!
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Available for US$ 9.90

Ingame Logs Viewer
Ingame Logs Viewer allows you to view all logs released by your game, at run time and on the target platform of your game! It's the Unity console, but inside your game!
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Available for US$ 5.90

Mobile Input Controls
Mobile Input Controls, offers a set of components that provide different controls (equal to AAA games) so that the player can interact with them and control characters, and other objects. It's a great way to create good gameplay for your game!
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Available for US$ 7.90

Easy Minimap System
Easy Minimap System gives you an easy, simple, fast and complete way for you to implement a functional minimap system in your game!
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Available for US$ 9.90

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