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Hello dear visitor! :)

Thank you very much for visiting the MT Assets page!

I apologize for the current website you are visiting. The current site design is very old and dates back to 3 years ago, when I started creating tools for Unity, so this site quality is very simple. This site will be reworked soon and will have lots of useful things for customers and visitors! :)

Currently, all MT Assets tools are being reworked and undergoing major updates. Most of the tools have already been updated and there is still a small amount to be updated. After these tools have undergone these big updates there are also some cool projects coming out in the store! That's why I'm currently dedicating time to update the tools so that they have the highest quality level possible!

Upon completion of these projects, new things will come, like a new website design, new contents and so on. For now, if you need to get in touch, need support or want to provide feedback, please, send a email to or join the MT Assets Discord community using the button below!

Thank you very much!
- MT Assets

While the MT Assets site has yet to be fully reworked, check out the Discord community! With your presence, the community will be an even better place!

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About MT Assets

MT Assets is a developer of assets for Unity. MT Assets refers directly to me, Marcos Tomaz! I am an Indie programmer and game developer, I always like to learn something new and I've been working with Unity since 2014. I'm at the Asset Store to provide useful and helpful tools for Unity Engine developers. Get to know my assets, and visit my Asset Store page! If you need contact or support for my assets, please contact me at

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Skinned Mesh Combiner is a tool that combines all of your character's meshes into just one mesh. This greatly reduces the Batches generated, bringing great performance gains!
Ultimate LOD System is a complete LOD based optimization solution for your project! You can generate LODs from your original meshes, or just generate Simplified versions of them.
Easy Minimap System is a tool that allows you to create a complete Minimap (Radar) for your 3D game. This includes GPS Navigation, Fog of War, Compass, Fullscreen Worldmap and more!
Easy Mesh Combiner is a tool that combines multiple meshes of your scene into just one mesh. This greatly reduces the Batches of your scene bringing great performance gains!

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